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Desktop Disposal, LLC is your premier Dallas/Fort Worth Computer Recycler.

Desktop Disposal, LLC brings together the skills and experience of industrial waste managers, IT managers, and service managers specializing in helping clients in Dallas, Fort Worth and the greater DFW as well as other areas of the southwest. Areas of expertise include Computer Recycling, Computer Disposal, and PC Recycling.

The diverse experience of our management allows us to ensure proper handling of your equipment and security of your data. When handled by Desktop Disposal, LLC, your used electronics, computers, and monitors will never be exported outside the United States, ensuring that your equipment is handled in accordance to federal, state, and local regulations.

How do you recycle your computers and electronics in Dallas, Fort Worth or the DFW area?

  • Avoid commons mistakes made by businesses trying to recycle their computers! Ensure your equipment is handled in the U.S. and never sent to a landfill.   Read "No Export, No Landfill Policy

Your Desktop Disposal account manager will help you ensure that all data is removed from your computer and then recycled responsibly:

  1. An actual Desktop Disposal, LLC will come to you and personally deliver your equipment to our private facility. No third party freight services, movers, or other subcontractors are ever used, ensuring your data is handled by someone you know. Your equipment is handled securely in a non public location until the moment that it is destroyed.
  2. All equipment that is at end of life is dismantled or recycled in the United States. Your equipment will never be loaded in a shipping container destined for foreign countries with little or no environmental standards. Don't trust your data and your children's environment to someone offering "free computer recycling"! If they cant sell it overseas for scrap then it will just be dumped in the landfill.
  3. You will receive a certificate of recycling detailing descriptions of each piece of equipment that is provided to Desktop Disposal, LLC. Desktop Disposal, LLC tracks each peice of equipment by its serial number through a proprietary inventory system until it meets its final destination. Your used electronics are recycled properly everytime, guaranteed.
  4. Your online user account allows you to view up to the minute status of your equipment, view your invoices, pay your invoices, and schedule future pickups of used electronics.
  5. Desktop Disposal, LLC provides timely pickup services, ensuring that we are on time to remove your equipment, sometimes even same day!
  6. There are no hidden freight charges, no hidden fees. Desktop Disposal, LLC will provide you a fully detailed quote based on information provided by the customer.
  7. Desktop Disposal, LLC will recycle your computers, ensure proper handling of your CRT monitors, and securely remove all stored data for any equipment for a business in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout the DFW area. Desktop Disposal, LLC specializes in:

    • Computer Recycling and PC recycling
    • CRT Monitor Recycling
    • Server Recycling
    • Recycling of copiers, phones, printers, and all other electronics.
    • Onsite pickups and security of used electronics and data
    • Texas and United States based recycling and asset management

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    Desktop Diposal, LLC and computer recycling.

    Desktop Disposal, LLC. is the premier computer recycler and computer recycling center in Dallas, Fort Worth and the greater DFW metro. Desktop Disposal, LLC has direct partnerships with:

    • CRT Glass Recyclers
    • Circuit Board Recyclers
    • Plastic Recyclers
    • Steel Recyclers
    • Aluminum Recyclers

    Whether you are concerned about data security or the future of the environment, Desktop Disposal, LLC computer recyling will ensure your needs are met.

    Please contact us at (817)566-2945 or via e-mail using our contact form for additional information.

    Computer Recycling, Computer Disposal, PC Recycling, PC Disposal in Dallas, Fort Worth and DFW with Desktop Disposal, LLC.